Vehicles are used to access additional territory(s). Each vehicle acquired opens up a new territory, complete with Epic Battle opponents, Necroverse bosses, and missions. Vehicle ownership is a requirement for some Achievement Rank.

Vehicles use be purchased in the Bases area under the My Hero tab, where no vehicle may be purchased without complete the prerequisites. However, it is changed that in order to unlock to the next territory, you have to complete any 6 missions to a Bronze Mastery and defeat the Necroverse Boss that acquires the completion of those 6 missions.

  1. Bicycle - Travel across 2 territories. Star City vehicle
  2. Scooter - Travel across 3 territories. Riverside vehicle
  3. Motorcycle - Travel across 4 territories. Oak Grove vehicle
  4. Sports Car - Travel across 5 territories. Greenville vehicle
  5. Armored Car - Travel across 6 territories. Bayview vehicle
  6. Helicopter - Travel across 7 territories. Smalltown vehicle
  7. Jet - Travel across 8 territories. Midway vehicle
  8. Archon-One (Spaceship) - Travel across 9 territories. Springfield vehicle
  9. Arclight - Travel across 10 territories. Northern Gnest vehicle
  10. Warthog RX - Travel across 11 territories. The Wastelands vehicle
  11. Akira - Travel across 12 territories. Gnest Caverns vehicle
  12. Aviator 153 - Travel across 13 territories. Necroverse Palace vehicle