The Superfriends ability allows you to add one Friend to each specialty.  Having a Friend in a certain specialty grants a bonus to your Hero (such as increased damage for a certain elemental attack).  The bonus increases based on the strength of the Friend you add to that specialty.  You can also equip your Superfriends with your own excess armor to improve the bonus they grant. 

Superfriends appears automatically when you click on the My Hero tab. 

Adding a Superfriend Edit

To add a Friend to a specialty, click on the My Hero tab, then click on the specific empty specialty (one that says "Recruit Friend").  The "Recruit A Friend" dialog box will appear.  Select the Friend you wish to recruit, and click Send.  When they accept your request, their Profile Picture, name, and stats will appear in the Specialty box, and that box will be moved ahead of the empty boxes. 

Equipping Your Superfriends Edit


List of Specialists Edit

Tactical Master - "Reduces energy cost of missions."

Battle Master - "Increases power points gained from battle."

Professor Y - "Decreases time required to learn skills."

Adventure Specialist - "Increases Luck while in an adventure."

Gladiator - "Increases arena rating gained from Arena battles."

Pyromancer - "Increases damage done by fire attacks."

Hydromancer - "Increases damage done by water attacks."

Geomancer - "Increases damage done by earth attacks."

Floramancer - "Increases damage done by plant attacks."

Electromancer - "Increases damage done by lightning attacks."

Combat Specialist - "Increases damage done by melee attacks."

Medic - "Increases effectiveness of regeneration in battle."

Reflex Master - "Increases effectiveness of evasion in battle."

Relentless Spirit - "Increases effectiveness of revival in battle."

Armor Specialist - "Increases effectiveness of blocking in battle."