MAZDA3 Adventure is a limited time event adventure which can be found in the Missions tab.

Even heroes need an vacation! The Hero League has loaned you a brand new Mazda3 to take on an exciting world tour. Pack your bags and go stake your claim to some of the hottest spots in the world!
Prerequisite: None.

Map Edit

The map layout and the position of the remain constant; the position of the other items change each time the adventure is run. The map below shows most (not all) of the lay-out. 650px

Enemies Edit

This adventure has no enemies.


Three treasures must be found during the adventure in order to complete it by reaching the final treasure.

  • Walking stick
  • Zip liner
  • Mountain climbing pick

Rewards Edit

There are 4 rewards that can be earned, one each the first four times you finish the adventure.

  • Red speed flag - speed +25
  • Green speed flag - speed +50
  • Blue speed flag - speed +75
  • Silver speed flag - speed +100

I hope you enjoyed your MAZDA3 adventure! You can go on another adventure to earn more rewards, or return to helping the Hero League fight the Necroverse threat!