Calico Jack's Treasure is the first adventure, and can be found in the Missions tab.

The notorious pirate Calico Jack has broken out of jail! The Hero League needs your help putting him back behind bars. Use your health and energy sparingly since they won't recover during your adventure, but Hero League medics will restore you . . . if you can find them!
Prerequisite: None.

Enemies Edit

All enemies are Level 5, and give 2 Power Points for each victory. 

  • Pirate Quartermaster - Thunder Kick
  • Pirate First Mate - Hydro Blast
  • Pirate Junior Officer - Super Punch
  • Pirate Sailor - Super Punch
  • Pirate Junior Gunner - Thunder Kick
  • Pirate Boatswain -
  • Pirate Lieutenant - Thunder Kick
  • Calico Jack - 4195 HP; Blizzard, Hydro Blast, Thunder Kick

Treasures Edit

There are 5 Treasures that can be earned, one each the first five times you finish the Adventure. 

  • Calico Jack's Brim (Head) - Level 1 Armor; Damage: +40
  • Calico Jack's Mantle (Chest) - Level 1 Armor; Damage: +40
  • Calico Jack's Weave (Legs) - Level 1 Armor; Damage: +40
  • Calico Jack's Treads (Feet) - Level 1 Armor; Damage: +40
  • Calico Jack's Right Hook (Right Hand) - Level 1 Armor; Damage: +55

Map Edit

The map lay-out and the position of Calico Jack remain constant; the position of the other items varies.  The map below shows most (not all) of the lay-out.