Purchasing Bases generates income for your Hero every 24 hours.  The higher level the Base, the more daily income generated.  As you advance in level, Bases will likely eventually become your single biggest source of income. 

Bases can be accessed by going to the "Bases" area of the "My Hero" tab.  Each Territory you unlock has its own series of bases for your to purchase.  You earn the right to buy an upgraded base by adding a set number of Friends and completing a set number of Missions in a given Territory, then paying the fee. 

Unlocking a certain number of Bases is also a requirement to increase your Achievement Rank. 

Bases Edit

This series of Bases can be unlocked for each Territory.  You can't unlock a higher level Base without first unlocking the lower one. 

  • Tree House - Pay $100, Requires 5 missions and 4 friends.  Earns $281 per day. 
  • Club House - Pay $4,500, Requires 30 missions and 8 friends.  Earns $900 per day.
  • Loft - Pay $13,500, Requires 90 missions and 9 friends.  Earns $2,892 per day.
  • Mansion - Pay $40,500, Requires 210 missions and 8 friends.  Earns $9,346 per day.
  • Underground Lair - Pay $121,500, Requires 420 missions and 5 friends.  Earns $30,375 per day.
  • Island Stronghold -  Pay $364,500, Requires 750 missions.  Earns $99,409 per day.
  • Air Fortress - Pay $1,093,500, Requires 1280 missions.  Earns $328,050 per day.