Adventures, found on the Missions tab, are longer missions during which health and energy cannot be restored normally. In order to complete an adventure, the character must locate a certain number of treasures to complete the final objective. Each adventure has rewards which may be won by completing it; a new reward is earned each time the adventure is completed until they all have been won.

Maps and iconsEdit

When on an adventure, heroes must navigate a map to obtain a certain number of treasures in order to be able to fight the adventure's main villain. The layout of each map is static, but the exact icon found at each map point (with the exception of the special boss icon) is variable. Here is a list of icons:

  • Blue flag - a mission which costs energy and rewards the player money and power.
  • Red fist - a battle with one of the adventure's villains.
  • Green question mark - varies among:
  • mission
  • fight
  • event which reduces health
  • event which reduces energy
  • cash
  • item
  • Yellow treasure chest - one of treasures needed to fight the main villain. Heroes must find each treasure chest before advancing to the main villain battle.

Once a point on the map has been visited, it will turn grey. Moving to a grey circle does not cause anything to happen.


Health and energy are not recovered automatically during the course of an adventure. They can only be restored by spending of hero points during the adventure or by leveling up.

List of AdventuresEdit

  1. Calico Jack's Treasure
  2. Ronin's Revenge
  3. Dark Night of the Socialite
  4. Halls of Madness
  5. MAZDA3 Adventure