As you meet certain milestones, your Achievement Rank will increase.  Your current Achievement Rank, along with a list of milestones needed to reach the next level, will appear on the Home tab.  Milestones you've met will have their name crossed out, and a gold medal colored in.  Milestones you still need to meet to advance will have a grayed-out medal, and will not have its name crossed out. 

Milestones have certain types that recur, with a generic description for each.  Advancing your Achievement Rank gives you a Cash bonus, the size of which is determined by your Level. 

Achievement Descriptions Edit

Complete [X] trainings
Train with your teammates to increase your speed and energy!
*Click the Training tab
*Select some teammates to train with

Defeat the Elite Necroverse (Name here)
Bosses drop special items and reveal the mysteries of Hero World.
*Click on the Missions tab
Find a boss with an orange "Accept" button
*Defeat the boss
*View unlocked story elements on the My Hero page

Get a [Cape (Cloak of Energy, Cloak of Knowledge, etc.)]
Capes increase your max energy!
*Click the Shop tab
*Click on the items for your Back
*Click a cape to purchase it

Purchase [a, 2, 3, etc.] [buildings]
*Click the "My Hero" tab, then click the BASES field
*Purchase said building

Win [X] Arena Battles
The arena lets you spar with other heroes.
*Click the Arena tab
*Choose an opponent to battle

Advancement Rank Requirements Edit

Rank 1 Achievements:

  1. Complete your first mission
  2. Win your First battle

Rank 2 Achievement:

  1. Get a Cloak of Energy

Rank 3 Achievement:

  1. Complete 5 Missions
  2. Purchase a Tree House

Rank 4 Achievement:

  1. Recruit a Superfriend
  2. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Servant
  3. Defeat the Necroverse Witch and get it as a Hero item

Rank 5 Achievement:

  1. Send 3 free gifts to your friends
  2. Boost your speed by 75
  3. Defeat Calico Jack

Rank 6 Achievement:

Rank 7 Achievement:

  1. Absorb a new power
  2. Boost your offensive power
  3. Complete 5 trainings
  4. Recruit a 2nd Superfriend

Rank 8 Achievement:

  1. Win 5 arena battles
  2. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Deviant
  3. Defeat the Necroverse Nymph and get it as a Hero Item

Rank 9 Achievement:

  1. Purchase a 2nd treehouse
  2. Absorb a new power
  3. Complete 10 trainings

Rank 10 Achievement:

  1. Complete 50 missions
  2. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Scout

Rank 11 Achievement:

  1. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Minion
  2. Recruit a 3rd Superfriend

Rank 12 Achievement:

  1. Complete 25 trainings
  2. Purchase a Loft
  3. Send 15 gifts to one of your friends
  4. Defeat Seto Kurosawa

Rank 13 Achievement:

  1. Win 25 Arena Battles
  2. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Informant
  3. Get 5 Heroes

Rank 14 Achievement:

  1. Complete 50 trainings
  2. Purchase 3 Lofts
  3. Defeat the Necroverse Barbarian and get it as a Hero Item

Rank 15 Achievement:

  1. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Infantry
  2. Recruit a 4th Superfriend

Rank 16 Achievement:

  1. Send 30 gifts to your friends
  2. Purchase a Mansion
  3. Complete 75 trainings

Rank 17 Achievement:

  1. Win 50 Arena battles
  2. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Avenger

Rank 18 Achievement:

  1. Purchase 4 Mansions
  2. Complete 100 trainings

Rank 19 Achievement:

  1. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Raider
  2. Defeat the Necroverse Cyborg and get it as a Hero Item

Rank 20 Achievement:

  1. Purchase an Underground Lair
  2. Complete 125 trainings
  3. Get 10 Heroes

Rank 21 Achievement:

  1. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Commando
  2. Win 75 Arena battles

Rank 22 Achievement:

  1. 5 Underground Lairs
  2. Complete 150 trainings

Rank 23 Achievement:

  1. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Soldier
  2. Recruit a 5th Superfriend

Rank 24 Achievement:

  1. Island Stronghold
  2. Complete 175 trainings
  3. Send 75 gifts to your friends

Rank 25 Achievement:

  1. Defeat Freya The Forgotten
  2. Win 100 Arena Battles

Rank 26 Achievement:

  1. Purchase 4 Island Strongholds
  2. Complete 200 trainings

Rank 27 Achievement:

  1. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Special Forces
  2. Defeat the Necroverse Wraith and get it as a Hero Item

Rank 28 Achievement:

  1. Purchase an Air Fortress
  2. Complete 225 trainings

Rank 29 Achievement:

  1. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Demolition Man
  2. Complete 125 Arena battles

Rank 30 Achievement:

  1. Purchase 2 Air Fortresses
  2. Complete 250 trainings

Rank 31 Achievement:

Rank 32 Achievement:

Rank 33 Achievement:

  1. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Lieutenant
  2. Purchase a Wicked Cloak
  3. Win 150 Arena Battles

Rank 34 Achievement:

  1. 4 Air Fortresses
  2. Complete 350 Trainings

Rank 35 Achievement:

  1. Defeat Necroverse Stormtrooper

Rank 36 Achievement:

  1. 5 Air Fortresses
  2. Complete 400 Trainings.

Rank 37 Achievement:

  1. Win 175 Arena Battles
  2. Get a Demonic Cloak
  3. Defeat the Elite Necroverse Strategist

Rank 38 Achievement:

Rank 39 Achievement:

Rank 40 Achievement:

  1. Defeat the Necroverse God

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